Diving equipment

Diving is an incredible adventure. Experience the underwater world filled with its natural colour spectrum and the variety of the marine life.

Swimming mattress

A swimming mattress should not be missed in a water toy collection. Grab one and float your cares away!


Snorkelling, diving and riding with a seabob have one thing in common – fantastic underwater exploration and great fun. However snorkelling is still the simplest way to see the life under water with only minimum equipment.

Water wings and floating tire

Water wings and floating tires will help your kids to stay safely above water while they enjoy water play.

Water ski

Water skiing is a classic surface water sport that never gets old. It is enjoyed by people all around the world as fun and excitement is ensured.

Inflatable Island

An inflatable island is perfect to either have fun or to relax out on the water. It floats safely and comfortable yourself or even a group.