You own a yacht or considering to buy one? We offer the perfect solutions for a yacht ownership that makes sense! Our Carefree Packages


You are the owner. We take care of the management and chartering of your yacht all year round.  We will ensure that your yacht remains clean and all maintenance is done as required while at the same time co-ordinating charter requests worldwide. You enjoy your yacht as often and for as long as you wish.


You only pay 45% of the net price of the yacht, the rest is financed. We take care of all running costs (excluding your direct costs when you use the yacht), including the cost of financing. In return, we get the exclusive rights to charter the yacht.  Until  the  end  of  the  lease the yacht remains within an Avcon Yacht Company. After 5 years you will have the opti- on to acquire the yacht for just 35% of the purchase price.


You receive a 12% discount on the net price of your new yacht. In addition you get a guaranteed 5% of the yachts purchase price as an annual paid out dividend for 5 years. We  take  care  of  all  operational costs  and  receive  the  exclusive right to charter the yacht.

Yacht Management

For options “Ownership option” and “Guaranteed income”, the owner has the right to use  the  yacht,  or  an  equivalent  yacht,  for  2 weeks (+1 week on short notice) during the main season and 2 weeks (+4 weeks on short notice)during the off season. The deadline for short notice usage is 7 days before the start date.

Instead of using the main season, the owner can also consume double the amount of usage weeks during the off season – this means up to 12 weeks’ owner usage per year.

We take care of everything: antifouling, winter service, motor service, repair works, frequent checks, paint jobs, maintenance, craning, yacht documentation etc. Erase those topics from your task list, we will take care of them! 

All maintenance and service works are performed by certified specialists in our shipyard or, if required, we can send mobile teams. Our traditional ship yard Alto Adriatico 1977 Srl offers a huge portfolio of services our clients appreciate. Every boat has a special place in the heart of their owners and respect our owners individual maritime requirements because we love boats and yachting as much as you do.